Realty Web Auction Frequently Asked Questions

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View a short video of the auction management panel.
See how easy it is to create auctions, edit auction or delete auctions in minutes.

I am not a web designer or programmer? Can I use the auction system?

Once any of our products are installed -- you don't need any special programming language to use them. If you can surf the net and send e-mail -- you can use any of our products with ease. There is no heavy learning curve to deal with. It's an intuitive easy system. Anyone can use it in minutes!

Can Realty Web Auction be incorporated into an exisiting web site?
Yes, it can be easily integrated into any existing web site. There are certain customizations that are included in the price so that you can match it to the colors of your existing website with your logo. We will make these changes for you when we install the software for you on your server.

Can Realty Web Auction be used as a stand alone website?
Yes. It has everything needed to be a stand alone website.

What programming language is used?
Realty Web Auction is written in PHP, a server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language. PHP is a tool that allows for the creation dynamic web pages.

What type of server is needed?
All of the products can be used on Unix, Linux or NT servers. The server should have the most recent version of PHP installed along with a MySQL database. Or you can host the site on one of our servers. We offer reasonably priced web hosting packages.

You can also allow others to sell and set up auctions, if you wish. Admin status can be given in each county to whoever you wish, such as real estate agents or home sellers.

Who installs the auction system?
We install the system for you. Installation is included in the price.

How long does the installation take?
We can usually install ithe system within two working days of purchase. And then it's up to you to deliver any of the changes that are included in the price.

We can also add any custom changes for an additional cost. Pricing for custom changes depends on what the changes are. We can provide you with an estimate for these changes.

Is there an installation fee?
No. Installation is included in the price.

What if I don't need all 50 states?
Realty Web Auction can be set up for all fifty states or just one state or any number of states in between. See the pricing structure below. You inform of us of your needs and we install it with however many states you wish to use. The system is divided by states and then by counties in each state.

Can I add or delete features to Realty Web Auction?
Realty Webware can add or delete features from the auction as it presently exists. We can add any other features you may need. This would incur extra charges. We can give you a price quote if you supply us with the changes.

Or we can design and develop an entirely new website and/or auction system for you. Let us know what you have in mind and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Can I customize the look?
Realty Web Auction can easily be customized to the look of your web site. See out list of customizations include in the price.

We can also offer you a complete web site design package -- whether you wish to redesign your existing web site or are just beginning your online presence. Ask about our competitive design rates!

What is the price of Realty Web Auction?
The current price for Realty Web Auction is very reasonable.

$1100. for 1-10 states
$1300. for 11-25 states
$1500. for 26-50 states

We will install it to your specifications. Installation is included in the price.

What is included in the price of our basic auction system?
All that you see in the demo is included. This is a very elaborate auction system. But very easy to use, once installed.